Architectural Glass

Adding architectural glass features also has impressively functional benefits. It can reduce noise pollution, lower energy costs, and make even cramped or awkward rooms appear light and spacious.

Toughened by heat bonding and laminate at our own manufacturing site, Palmers architectural glass panels can be customized to create safe and secure flooring or roofing. We offer bespoke appearances that improve energy ratings and adds value to any property.

In the past, structural glass barriers were fabricated with single sheets of toughened glazing, limiting their use to decorative applications. However, advancements in treatments and bonding have led to a more robust end-product that exceeds early limitations.

IGA Glass & Aluminium supplies architectural glass to the highest standards. Our glass can be integrated into a broad range of designs for architects because of the toughened glass panes with interlayers that can stand up to order making sure your exterior shop front or space is beyond standard.