Double Glazing At IGA Glass and Aluminium

The Aluminium Flush Glaze Systems or Double Glazingis a versatile product that can be used in a variety of situations from the single-story office/factory complex to multi-story, high-rise apartments/office towers.

The benefits of using the Aluminium Double Glazing Systems are in the variety of appearances you can achieve by using its many and varied glazing options.

What is Double Glazing?

Glass built directly into the door during the manufacturing process eliminates the need for a lite frame and provides a high-performance weather seal. Flush-glazed glass features clean lines and eliminates the need for screw plugs.

More About Double Glazing

Double Glazing, is a highly unique type of glazing where by the glass unit be it singular or double glazed is installed flush with the aluminium, steel, or wooden frame as instead of sitting with a rebated section of the frame. This type of glazing requires a highly skilled workforce and team work to achieve the desired result in the specialised field.


Excellent ventilation control

Flush-faced external appearance

Superior weatherproofing and cost-effective acoustic qualities

Maximum torsional strength

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