Solar Control Window Film

An application of solar control window film provides an effective solution to a range of glass related issues. Heat, glare and fading can all be reduced, with a product suitable for every situation, including commercial and residential environments.

Solar control window film is available in a range of grades and finishes, providing a choice of performance and aesthetic qualities. Once installed, the film is easy to maintain, allowing you to relax and enjoy the benefits as soon as it is in place. For a guaranteed high quality application, we offer a nation-wide installation service, whilst our solar films are also available to purchase online for DIY installation.

Commercial Solar Control Window Film can be used to solve a range of problems. Long lasting and durable, window film is a cost efficient and effective way of avoiding costly replacement windows and glass.

Heat can be an issue for any property with outward facing windows. With the sunlight streaming through the glass, temperatures can quickly become uncomfortable. Solar control window film will prevent this steady heat build-up, resulting in a more stable, moderate temperature. The film reflects away the suns energy before it enters the room, making it a more effective solution than traditional methods like blinds, which allow the heat to enter the room.
Energy efficiency remains high on the agenda for businesses, with environmental pressures and rising energy costs making improved energy efficiency an ongoing requirement. By reducing excess heat levels, solar window film can help reduce the strain on air conditioning units, reducing in lower running costs.

Glare can be a year round issue, with the bright sunshine of summer and the low lying position of the sun during winter months, making it difficult to focus on screens, equipment’s or colleagues. An application of solar control window film will cut down on the glare, whilst maintaining the view and without sacrificing too much natural light.

UV protection is an additional benefit of solar control film. By blocking out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, solar film will help combat fading.

Residential Solar Control Window Film is suitable for use in a number of domestic applications. With a range of finishes to choose from, there is a film available to match both function and aesthetic requirements.

Heat is a common problem in the home and an application of solar protection film is a cost effective and straightforward solution. The film works by reflecting away the suns energy before it enters the room, stopping your home from getting steadily hotter. By not allowing the excess heat to enter the room, window film performs far more effectively than blinds. The film is available in a range of different finishes, meaning there is a film that will suit the style of your property, whilst the film will not obstruct vision, or have a major impact on the light entering the room; another improvement on traditional methods such as blinds.

Glare caused by sunlight streaming through your windows can be a major problem. By adding solar protection window film to your glass, it is possible to instantly cut down the glare, making it possible to comfortably watch TV or read, whatever the weather.

Fading is a result of heat, light and UV rays, and an application of solar control film provides an effective barrier against all three. By cutting out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, solar control film protects furnishings, belongings and carpets from fading, whilst also serving to protect skin from sun damage .